Our food philosophy

The opposite of Fast Food is what you get at Scott's. Freshly cooked dishes made from locally grown products combined with passion and love for excellent food.

Our values, promise and menu concept

Born from sustainability, our food is a natural combination of locally grown products, organic farming and free range animals making local farms part of the Scott’s value promise.

Our set of hand picked products and ingredients come in most from bio farms to after be in-house cooked before inspiring your senses. All smoked meat dishes are made from our in-house smoker.

We embrace seasonal change and prioritize quality therefore you will see variations over time which make sure that we stay fresh and adapt to our regions biodiversity.


Handcrafted food

As we do not serve fast food but rather take pride in serving homemade dishes, please be patient when we are busy and expect an average serving time from 15 to 30 minutes as well as shortages from time to time as some dishes may not be available or sold out.

We look forward to serving you and all feedback is welcome while we continually strive to perfectionate our new kitchen project just released in 2019.

Enjoy our kitchen and share the vibe of responsible food, sustainability and local farming.

Zucchini Dish

If we made you curious:

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