Our autumn menu

Freshly made from best incredients – and always inspired by the current season.

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Spare Ribs     35
Country style ribs from local free range pork glazed with Scott's barbecue sauce and homesmoked 6 hours. Full rack (recommended for sharing 2 people).

Pulled Pork Burger     18
Homesmoked pulled pork with Scott's barbecue sauce served on fresh bread bun with lettuce, creme fraiche and Scott's hand cut fries.

Farmer's Chicken     16
Local free range 1/2 Chicken slow cooked for 2 hours and finished with a roast, served with fresh cut daikon and homemade citrus pesto dip.

Scott's Burger     18
Beef burger from local free range cattle served on fresh bread bun with cheese, smoked bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion, homemade burger sauce and Scott's hand cut fries.

Club 2.0     17
Homesmoked Turkey with dry rub served on country style bread made in house and lettuce, creme fraiche, crispy smoked bacon and fried egg.

Nachos     16 / 30
Homesmoked traditional Corn Tortillas (gluten free) served with melted cheese, fresh cut tomato, onion and jalapeños. Choose from: smoked pulled pork or Vegetarian

Asparagus Watermelon Pumpkin Walnuts


Grilled Salad     12
Grilled salad on charcoal yakitori with green butter sauce, charred tomatoes, popcorns and nasturtiums leafs and flowers.

Corn on cob     12
Two corn on the cob from the charcoal grill glazed with butter.

Chicken wings     8
Eight pieces of glazed chicken wings from the charcoal grill, drizzled with fresh cut chives and flowers.



Farmer's Plank     60
Wood Plank with full rack of Scott's homesmoked barbecue Spare Ribs, whole farmers chicken served with fresh cut daikon and homemade citrus pesto dip (recommended for sharing 3 – 4 people).

Scott's Plank     90
Wood Plank with Scott's signature meat dishes.
Homesmoked barbecue Spare Ribs, Farmers Chicken, Pulled Pork, Smoked meat Croquetas, Chicken Wings (recommended for sharing 5 – 6 people).



Truffle Fries     10 / 25
Hand cut fries from fresh potatoes, drizzled with white truffle oil and fresh seasonal truffle.

Scott's Fries     5 / 12
Hand cut fries from fresh potatoes.

Pickle Mix     5
Made in house pickles.

Kimchi     7
Mix of homemade fermentated vegetables & fruits from the farm.

Dips de Luxembourg


Strawberries Mushrooms


Brownie     8
Homemade chocolate brownie gluten free served with fresh whipped cream and caramelized nuts made in house.

Frozen Parfait     8
Ice Cream infused with whisky, served on steamed sponge cake, caramelised crust with drizzled lime peels.


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